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Simple solutions to grow your assets under management

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AP Global are specialists in Investment Funds & Structures, Marketing & Lead Generation & Growing Assets Under Management. 


The team have extensive background in the management, distribution & structuring of funds, previously working at high end wealth management and investment management firms. We also excel in using AI and automation to help build your client banks and grow assets under management.  Through this experience, we have a built a trusted network of fund managers,  family offices, wealth managers and Institutions globally. 

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients grow their business and revenue.  We do this through digital marketing and also introducing specialist partners. If you are in the professional intermediary and are looking to grow, you will benefit from our services. 

AP Global do not deal with the general public and focus only on regulated professional intermediaries.


Our areas of expertise

Marketing & Lead Generation

Coding Station

The world is rapidly changing with the introduction of AI and online technology.  The realisation is that, we has humans are simply not as effective as robots.  With the correct use of certain tools we can create effective campaigns to generate in bound enquiries from potential clients.  

We aim to create high inflows of enquiries to turn into clients and revenue.  Of course not all enquiries will turn into sales but if you are not actively promoting your services, you will find it difficult to grow.  

Each campaign is specific to the client and we implement the use automation tools via social media platforms.  Our campaigns are cost effective for small business's and can be as little as $500 per month.  

Fund Introducer Service

As we grew, so did our network.  We work with financial advisers and fund managers as clients.  If you are a fund manager who is looking to get their product in front of financial advisers, we could assist.  This service is very selective as we work on a performance basis and do not charge retainers.  


We look at 3 core aspects when considering a new fund manager:- 


  1. Regulation – the fund must be regulated in a recognised jurisdiction

  2.  Market Appetite – is there a story and market appetite for the product?

  3. Structure –   does the structure fit our network investor base, can the product offering be easily accessed via platforms, banks or custodians?

Fund Structuring Consultancy

AP Funds have helped structure a number of funds in the UK, Luxembourg, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands.  For those managers with an investment idea and no structure or distribution please contact us.  The structure is key to raising capital and if you choose the wrong structure, you can find yourself cut off from avenues of possible capital and investors.  The best way is to work backwards from investor to structure ... fully understand what investors want and ensure it fits.  


Through our network you will understand what is needed prior to starting any new fund offering.  We have launched funds from a starting base and raised seed capital.  Having worked with partners across the globe, we can advise the best location to situate your fund, who to choose as admin partners and who to open bank accounts through.  If this is your first fund, the legal process can be expensive, though using our experience, we can guide you to reduce fees and costs. 

For all enquiries please contact:-


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